4 Reasons You Should Hire a Licensed Plumber

Ever wonder why you should hire a licensed plumber instead of one who’s not licensed? Although it may be tempting to hire an unlicensed plumber based on their availability or price, doing so can place your home and family at risk, and can actually end up costing you more in the long run.

Here are just four reasons you should hire a licensed plumber.

Licensed plumbers have the training needed to do the job right

A plumbing license means that the person doing the job has adequate training and understands local and international plumbing regulations. State licensing boards consider such training before awarding a license. Applicants have to take examinations and provide proof of their academic qualifications before they are licensed. Only applicants who can demonstrate competence are granted a license. Therefore, by hiring a licensed plumber, you’re hiring a skilled tradesman whose abilities have been tested and approved.

Licensed plumbers have the right tools for each job

In addition to making sure that a plumber has appropriate knowledge, state licensing boards also verify that the applicant has the right tools for the job. If they’re coming to fix a leaking pipe, the plumber will have the appropriate tools for that job. If it’s well pump repair you need, they’ll also have the appropriate tools for that. Using the right tools for specific jobs makes work easier, reduces the risk of injury, and ensures the plumbing repair will last.

Licensed plumbers understand city and state codes

Each state and city has specific guidelines on plumbing work. For example, most cities have specified types and sizes of pipes that can be used to bring water into a home as well as the slope angle required for drainage. Sewer lines are another area that is tightly controlled depending on an area’s potential for flooding, drainage, and weather patterns among other factors. Licensed plumbers make it their duty to master and abide by these codes at all times.

You know the job will be done right the first time

Licensed plumbers are accountable to the state board so if something goes wrong, you can report them to the licensing board and their license can be suspended. Unlicensed plumbers, meanwhile, aren’t accountable to anyone and are therefore not as concerned about the quality of their work or the materials they use. Additionally, licensed plumbers are required to carry insurance that protects you if anything goes wrong. Unlicensed plumbers, on the other hand, typically don’t carry any insurance, leaving you with no recourse if something goes wrong.

As you can see, hiring an unlicensed plumber can be risky and in many cases, the cut-rate pricing they offer can lead to even bigger, more expensive repairs down the road.

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