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G P 5.0
Deicy Cardona
Deicy Cardona 1.0

I used this company for my boilers servicing before and I had no issues. This time I requested they come and fix my mini split and the first thing they suggest Is for me to change it (which costs $6500 with them). I said no and I asked for repairs to be ...completed and they never provided me with written quotes and just quick chats in the phone with one of the technicians. He shows up in my house finally (waited for 2 weeks then he was 2 hours late the date of my appointment) and tells me the recharging of my unit plus whatever else he did was going to cost me double the price we've talked about. I disagreed and asked they never come back to my house because those were never quotes and prices presented to me before. My unit is still not working and I'm out $750 (the deposit amount they requested from me the first day they came) Let me add the technician was very rude and disrespectful and he got very loud with me. Dont ever use this company and always ask for written confirmations of everything they say and do. Really bad service, always late and very unresponsive. Worst experience I've ever had with a company like this one.Read More...

Felecia Murray
Felecia Murray 1.0

Do not call this company for plumbing. No one has answers. No one knows anything. Customer Service is horrible. I reach out to one of the owners on FB and somehow he manages to respond to me within seconds. Then when he realizes why I’m reaching ...out…he has yet to call back. Nearly a week has gone by, very unprofessional. For a simple $40 fix we paid nearly a $900 bill. Literally they charged $400/hr but somehow everyone I get a hold of can’t discuss the breakdown of the pricing because no one has access. Except for the owner John and his son Giuseppe Mastroianni. Read this…Find another company. Find another plumber!Read More...

Amy Wells
Amy Wells 1.0
I know Who you are
I know Who you are 1.0
Sameh Said
Sameh Said 1.0
Patrick Caldwell
Patrick Caldwell 5.0

Best HVAC contractor

Melissa 1.0

I would not recommend this company to anyone. They cannot be trusted. Save your $ and look elsewhere.

alexander donoso
alexander donoso 1.0

Had an estimate done for fixing 1 leaking fitting. They wanted $500 for 10minutes of work. $10 at Home Depot and 15minutes of my time is all it took. Needless to say, it was a mistake to seek help from this company.

Lisa Marie Schultz
Lisa Marie Schultz 1.0

I had a new hot water heater installed by evergreen about two years ago. The pipe they installed has corroded and leaked onto the top of the hot water heater, rusting it. and their website seems to be down

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