Summer Barbeques and Your Garbage Disposal

The summer barbeque is a staple of a Rhode Island summer. There is nothing quite like the fun times you have when you fire up the grill and have a few beverages with your family and friends. It will likely be a great time for everyone around, but there is one part of the house and plumbing system that might suffer from all the fun: the garbage disposal.

Food traditionally found at barbeques are notorious for clogging up garbage disposals. These include big corn cobs that can accidentally fall into it and get stuck. The same goes for chicken or other meat bones. Even if all the big items are avoided, all the commotion in the kitchen may mean overtime work for the disposal. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to help your garbage disposal work properly:

 Use Cold Water, Not Hot Water

Using hot water in a garbage disposal is not a good idea after a summer barbecue. The hot water melts oils and fats, making it a gooey mess that is much harder to clean than if you use cold water. In fact, putting some ice cubes in the disposal can even help clean it.

Use a De-Greaser

Another way to get rid of all that grease is to use a de-greaser. This will not only help break up all the fats and oils in the disposal, but it can also help to dislodge any tightly packed food particles in the disposal.

Lemon Peels!

The last thing you want when people come over for a summer get-together is to smell a stinky sink. Grinding lemon peels can help keep it smelling fresh. Orange peels work well, too!

Don’t let plumbing issues ruin a good summer barbeque. If you have any plumbing problems, contact Evergreen Plumbing today. Our expert team has the solutions you are looking for. 

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