Tips for Saving Money on Your Heating Bill

We’ve reached that unpredictable stage of mid spring where we can enjoy a warm sunny afternoon one day and experience sudden snow flurries the next. These in-between times of year are not only inconvenient, but they can seriously impact your monthly heating bill. If you want to keep your energy costs low while riding out the last of these chilly spring mornings, check out our tips below for maintaining a warm home without cranking up your heating system.

  1. Use the sun to your advantage. Open your curtains during the day to allow the sun’s warmth to penetrate your home, then close them before sunset to trap the heat overnight.
  2. Reduce usage of vent fans. Fans help remove moisture from your kitchen and bathroom, but they also eliminate a lot of warm air from inside your home. Winter air is typically dry, so only use vent fans when necessary.
  3. Regularly change furnace filters. A dirty furnace filter makes your heating system work harder, wasting energy and leading to increased energy bills. Change your filters every month or consider switching to electrostatic filters that can trap allergens and pathogens to improve the air quality in your home.
  4. Run ceiling fans in the opposite direction. Many ceiling fans allow you to change the direction of the motor’s rotation. Running a fan in reverse can keep you more comfortable by pushing the warm air down from the ceiling to the floor.
  5. Turn down the thermostat. Setting your system at 5 to 10 degrees cooler during the night or when you are not home can help you save 10 to 12% on your monthly heating bill.
  6. Keep vents clear of furniture, drapes, and other household items. Blocked vents prevent you from enjoying the warm air you’re paying for and make your furnace work harder, increasing running time and energy expenses.
  7. Schedule a professional furnace inspection every year. A furnace technician can examine the burners and exhaust vents to ensure they are running at peak efficiency. They will also know how to recognize the signs that your furnace needs repaired or replaced and can suggest a high-efficiency model.

To learn more about saving money on your heating bill, contact Evergreen Plumbing & Heating today. Our licensed, insured, and EPA certified technicians provide the most reliable service in Rhode Island. 

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