The Top Holiday Plumbing Disasters and How to Avoid Them

If you live in Rhode Island, then you know all too well about freezing temperatures in the winter. During the holidays, avoiding major plumbing problems at your home is ideal. If you have holiday events and family visiting your home, then you may want to prepare your plumbing so that you don’t have any emergencies!

  1. An overflowing toilet can be one of the worst holiday plumbing emergencies.  If a sewer line backs up, or there is a clog, a toilet plumbing problem can shut down a whole event.  Consider having your drains cleaned this winter to makes sure your toilets don’t clog or overflow.
  2. Frozen pipes can halt any holiday dinner.  If you don’t have water because your pipes are frozen, then you have a holiday plumbing emergency.  Quickly, get to work thawing your pipes.  Frozen pipes are a severe emergency because your pipes could burst, creating a whole new level of catastrophe.  Consider having a plumber inspect the plumbing to make sure that it can stand freezing temperatures well.
  3. Clogged sewer lines are a significant problem during a holiday event.  Have your sewer lines inspected if you notice a smell of sewage or gurgling coming from the drains in your home.
  4. Check the pipes and hoses to your appliances to make sure they are all secure, and there isn’t any corrosion or leaks.  A busted appliance or major leak can stop most holiday events.  Make sure your washing machine and dishwasher are always available by inspecting them regularly.
  5. If your garbage disposal won’t work, it isn’t an emergency.  If it doesn’t work during a big dinner, or you can’t get the water in the sink to flow, then you may have a problem.  Calling a plumber may be the easiest way to keep the water flowing in your sink.  Consider putting removable screens in your sinks to stop people from using your garbage disposal or placing items down the drains that don’t belong.
  6. No hot water is a big problem in the winter months.  Consider having your water heater checked if you notice that it is less efficient than usual.  If you want to extend the life of your water heater, consider having it flushed annually.
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