What Does That Noise Coming from Your Pipes Mean

There are several noises that come from the plumbing in a home.  If you hear noises in your pipes, you may have a slight problem, like a washer that needs replacing or a large problem, like a clogged sewer line.

Faucets that Whistle

If you have a whistling sound when you turn on a faucet or when the tank in your toilet refills, you probably have a washer that needs to be replaced.  It could also just be that the washer is loose because the screw that holds it in place is not stable.


If you hear banging in your pipes once you shut off the water, it is called water hammer.  This happens when you run water fast and then shut it off quickly.  The water bangs against the pipes.   Have a plumber inspect your pipes to make sure they are all stable.


Some copper pipes make noises because copper expands and contracts.  Running hot water through copper will allow it to expand and then contract when it cools down.  This causes the noises you hear.

Water Pressure

You could actually have water pressure that is too high in your Rhode Island home.  High water pressure can make your pipes noisy.  High water pressure is also something that can damage your appliances, so it is important to have a plumber adjust your water pressure, so it doesn’t affect your home in a negative way.


A drain or toilet that gurgles is usually a sound that means you need a plumber to clear your drains.  If you hear the sound repeatedly, it will usually only get worse until you have a clog that affects the whole home.  If you have gurgling or bubbling along with a sewage odor, then you are close to a total clog in your sewer line.  Getting it serviced could help you save money on repairs later.

Evergreen Plumbing & Heating is available for all your plumbing and heating needs in Rhode Island.  Call us if you need help identifying the sounds coming from your pipes.

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