Why Your Dishwasher Isn’t Working

If you have problems with your dishwasher not working the way it is supposed to, you could have a simple issue, or you may need to call Evergreen Plumbing & Heating to get us to repair your dishwasher and check the plumbing in your home.  A dishwasher that doesn’t fill with water or wash your dishes properly can be an annoyance that you need to get fixed, so your home runs well again.

  1. The float in your dishwasher could be stuck or broken. The float is in your dishwasher to detect when there is enough water and to stop the flow of water when there is enough. The float may not respond at all, so it needs replacement.  It could also be that food, or other debris is stuck to the float so that it won’t work well.
  2. You could have a hose or hoses that have a kink or damage. Once you find the hose, it may need to be replaced or adjusted to get everything working properly again.
  3. The switch in your door or electronic panel could need repairs. If the door doesn’t close right, then your dishwasher won’t fill.  If it won’t close and the switch doesn’t look broken, a plumber can help you figure out what is going on with the unit.
  4. Check the child lock feature on your dishwasher to make sure that the problem isn’t electronic. The manual for your dishwasher should let you know if you have this feature and how to turn it off.
  5. If you don’t think your dishwasher has power, check your circuit breaker, and make sure your dishwasher is plugged in properly.
  6. The selector switch on your dishwasher may not be working well. This switch is what turns on your dishwasher, so if it doesn’t start your control panel may need repairing. On specific panels, two buttons may be pushed at the same time, not allowing your dishwasher to run.
  7. Your motor may need repairs. If the motor start relay isn’t working, we can come to make sure it is getting the power it needs or let you know your options for repairs and replacements.

If you need repairs or want to have your dishwasher replaced, Evergreen Plumbing & Heating can help you decide on a new unit for your home in Rhode Island.


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