How to Prepare Your Air Conditioning System for Spring and Summer

Many homeowners are excited for the arrival of spring and with it, warmer temperatures. The
northeast U.S. experiences one of the most variable climates in the country, and Rhode Island
property owners should know how to get their air conditioning systems ready for the summer.
Evergreen Plumbing & Heating offers a full range of plumbing, heating, and air conditioning
services to clients in Rhode Island, so call us if you experience any trouble with your air
conditioning system.

Clean the Vents and Condenser

The exterior condenser of your air conditioning system may have collected leaves, dirt, and other
debris over the winter while not in use. Take time to check the exterior parts of your air
conditioning system before running it for the first time. This can help you avoid unintentionally
causing damage or allowing potentially harmful substances to enter your home’s air circulation

Be sure to check the vents throughout your home for dust and dirt and clean them thoroughly.
You should also check your ducts, but this may require professional assistance. Having a
professional thoroughly clean and inspect your air conditioning system is the best way to prevent
costly issues during the dead heat of summer.

Check Filters

Every heating and air conditioning system uses some kind of filtration device. In most cases, a
furnace has a slot for replaceable air filters, and these filters range widely in cost and
effectiveness. Higher-quality filters remove more particles from the air. The humidity created by
melting snow and ice can foster the growth of mold and mildew. You want to be certain your air
circulation system can catch these particles before they pose a health risk.

Consider Upgrading Your Thermostat

If your property’s thermostat cannot read temperatures accurately, you may experience a great
deal of stress with your air conditioning system this summer. Have a professional check your
thermostat and determine whether it needs a replacement or an upgrade. This way you can be
sure your thermostat is accurately reading temperatures and engaging the air conditioning system

These are just a few ways to keep your air conditioning running more smoothly this summer.
Spring is here, so it is the perfect time to have a professional address your heating and air
conditioning concerns. Contact Evergreen Plumbing & Heating today to find out how we can help.

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