Is Your AC Making Strange Noises?

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Are you hearing strange noises coming from your AC unit? Modern air conditioners are impressively quiet. Today’s high-efficiency ACs employ sound dampening technology and two-stage compressors capable of keeping noise levels below 50 decibels. If you keep your AC well maintained, you should never be bothered by strange noises. If, however, you hear any unusual […]

4 Reasons You Should Hire a Licensed Plumber

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Ever wonder why you should hire a licensed plumber instead of one who’s not licensed?  Although it may be tempting to hire an unlicensed plumber based on their availability or price, doing so can place your home and family at risk, and can actually end up costing you more in the long run. Here are […]

How to Choose a Rhode Island AC Repair Company

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When it comes to choosing an AC repair company, most Rhode Island homeowners aren’t sure where to begin.  Most people don’t give our AC systems much thought until there’s a problem.  When there is, they want it fixed and they want it done fast.  But they also want to know that the AC repair company […]

Is it Time to Replace Your Hot Water Heater?

If your water heater is not heating up or if it begins to leak, you can simply repair it and continue using it for a few years. The same applies if there is a problem with the pressure relief valve. Rather than replace the heater, you can just replace the valve. However, as with any […]

Clogged Drains – 5 Ways to Prevent Them

Clogged drains are a common problem that most homeowners will have to deal with at some point. Unfortunately, clogs tend to happen at the worst possible time, like when you have a big party or a houseful of overnight guests! So, what can you do to prevent these inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing problems? We round […]

Protect Your Family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve probably heard of carbon monoxide poisoning, but you probably hadn’t given it much thought until the recent tragic events in Smithfield. On February 15th police and emergency medical workers responded to a 911 call from a man who had discovered his wife and three children unconscious inside […]

Buying a Home with a Septic System – Things to Consider

When buying a home, you’ll have a long list of things to consider before signing along the dotted line. You’ll need a house that’s big enough, is in a good neighborhood and doesn’t have any structural issues. If you’re considering purchasing a home with a septic system, there are a number of additional things you’ll […]

How to Reduce Your Water Heating Bill this Winter

Water heating accounts for a good portion of residential energy consumption, especially during the cooler months of the year. Here are some tips to help you reduce your water heating bills this winter. Lower the Thermostat Lowering your water temperature is the easiest way to help reduce your water heating bills during the winter, and […]

Heating Safety Inspections Improve Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that routine heating safety inspections can dramatically improve your indoor air quality and your overall health? Your heating and air conditioning system is a highly sophisticated complex of electrical and mechanical components designed to regulate the temperature, humidity, and overall air quality inside your home. And like all complex systems, it must […]

Common Sewer Pipe Problems & How to Prevent Them

Sewer pipe problems can be annoying, and if left unattended can lead to costly repairs, and even health risks. In this article, we’ll discuss five common sewer pipe problems, and things you can do to prevent them from occurring in your home or commercial building. Clogged Sewer Pipe Clogs are the most common sewer pipe […]